Friday, May 10, 2013

So Sad it's Saying So Long Session Four

So today I've got some good news and some bad news for you.

Which do you want first?

I'm waiting.....

This is going to take awhile isn't it?

Fine, we'll start with the bad news and get it out of the way. This lovely little flower stamp is saying so long.....

Quint-Essential Flower Wood-Mount Stamp SetNot only does it have a lovely name Quint-Essential Flower 126790 but it's so pretty and so versatile. My online store has this to say about it

If you like versatile stamps, you'll love the Quint-Essential Flower! This dainty and decorative stamp includes multiple floral images--perfect for card and scrapbook page embellishments. Use with the 1/2", 3/4", and 1" Circle Punches and the 1-3/4" and 2-3/8" Scallop Circle Punches for perfect coordination.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Now obviously this card is black and white, but wouldn't that flower be lovely in pink, or blue, or green or yellow or a mixture of both?

See that pretty brad thing in the middle of the flower? Those are the superinsanelycool Designer Builder Brads 129329 from the current mini catalog (that is also ending soon). I miss our old builder brads that were available years ago....but lemme tell ya, these ones are sooooooooo neato. I punched out the middle of the Quin-Essential flower and made a brad out of it!!!

Now, you may be super-observant and notived that there are TWO OTHER RETIRING STAMP SETS on this card.


Made for you 126340w or 126342 as we discussed in SSSSLS Session 2

and, oh my goodness I don't even know if I can say it out loud.

Circle Circus 115778w or 127784 Circle Circus Stamp Set - by Stampin' Up!

I just. can't. believe. they're. letting. it go. Sob. Sniffle. Sigh.

Here's another (mostly) black and white card using Circle Circus.

I guess I promised you some good news after all of that, didn't I? It's good news, but I'm not sure anything can make a person feel better after that fountain of sadness.

The Basic Black and Whisper White are not retiring!!! Black and White cards will continue to exisit!!!


Lame, I know.

Throw me a bone, would ya?

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