Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So Sad it's Saying So Long Six

Elements of Style 118611 w or 120045c Elements of Style - Clear-Mount Stamp Set - by Stampin' Up!

  I love this stamp set. I'm forever pulling out that flourish to add dimension to all kinds of projects. I love the big flower image, It makes a beautiful background, or a beautiful focal point, or it's gorgeous watercoloured. I really enjoy the Life is a Matter of Moments Phrase and that pretty little For You just fits EVERYWHERE. The bird, well, he doesn't have a whole lot of ink stains on him, I'll be honest. He's quite a nice little birdie, he just doesn't make many appearances on my projects. It doesn't matter anyways, I've used all of the other ones so many times I've more than made up for it.

This is the only card I could find in my stash using this set, which doesn't make sense because I use it regularly. And by regularly, I don't mean every four or five months, I mean every month, several times a month.  The only thing I can think of it that I've given away all of the cards I've made using this set, which is probably accurate, considering many of my favorite cards do in fact use this set.

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